STD Home Testing – Before You Visit The Doctor

STDs refer to sexually transmitted illness. They are mostly spread by sexual intercourse and the types of STDs that are more common are HIV, chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomoniasis.

There are medical centers that conduct STDs test to check whether the person has this disease or not. However, some STD home testing kits are available in the market that can help people to conduct their own test before heading for the doctor. For example, a common STD test involves a postal chlamydia test in which the doctor collect urine or vaginal swab sample and checks the sample for the disease.

The test-yourself STD home kit allows the person to take this test at home using the home kits apparatus. This allows the person to avoid an embarrassing visit to the doctor and check at home for this disease. A person can avoid paying doctor and lab test fees when he opts for at home STD tests. Often a person seeks to keep STD details confidential and prefer to show the concerns to the doctors only after testing positive of this disease. STD home testing allows people to have complete confidentiality and conduct the test in the secrecy of their homes.

STD tests at home checks for HIV, genital herpes and syphilis. In most home kits all you need is to prick your finger and use the kit to check your blood sample. Other kits check your urine and this test traces other STDs like gonorrhea. If you want to test for trichomoniasis a self-testing home kit checks simple swab of the infection and gives results.

More often it is difficult to understand STD as this sexually transmitted disease slowly damages the body. So while you may feel healthy there are chances that you have an STD. Look out for symptoms such as painful urination, pain during intercourse, itching on genitals, or smelly vaginal discharge. If you see such symptoms you can do the home testing for STDs. Often these tests are to repeated after a few weeks. When you test for STD at home you can take these test repeatedly without having to go for a lab test and bear the expenses.

You can find the home kits online and can order these with full confidentiality. All kits come with easy to follow instructions and you can check yourself easily by following simple steps that are explained in the instructions.

Advantages Of STD Home Testing

There are several advantages of using STD home testing instead of going to a clinic or your doctor. Many people avoid going to clinics or doctors to test for STDs because its embarrassing, causes nervousness, is incredibly time-consuming and more. Being able to buy home test kits for STDs offers the following benefits:

• Eliminates awkward conversations — one of the main reasons why people are reluctant to get tested at clinics or doctors, is because they find it hard to talk about these personal, very private things with strangers. Yes, doctors are trained professionals who can normally be trusted, but some people still find it uncomfortable to talk about their sexual preferences and practices with them. Now, with STD home testing easily available, these awkward conversations are eliminated entirely.

• Quick and easy — going to the doctor or clinic can be extremely inconvenient. Normally, you would have to take time off work to keep your doctor’s appointment, or to allow for the long wait at the clinic that you just know is going to happen! This process will take even longer f you have to use public transportation because you don’t have a vehicle of your own. Added to that, is the extra time it takes for the actual appointments, as well as follow-up visits that are sometimes necessary.

Home test kits on the other hand, once you have one, only take five minutes of your time to complete. No appointments, no sitting around for hours waiting at the clinic. Simply do the test at your convenience, send it by mail to the lab and you can check your results online, as soon as they are available.

• No one to judge you — no doctors and nurses are around to form an opinion and pass unpleasant comments about you since it’s you alone that is conducting the test in the privacy of your own home. The home test will give you the comfort and security you need and deserve. It is an essential step for all sexually active people who want to be in control of their health. In other words, your private life remains just that — private!

These days, no one needs to make excuses as to why they shouldn’t see their doctor or go to a clinic to be tested. STD home testing, easily available to all sexually active people, is the stylish new solution for having complete control over your sexual health.

Benefits Of STD Home Testing

There are many types of sexually transmitted diseases that people can contract and transmit without knowing. Herpes, for instance, does not have any signs or symptoms, but an infected person can pass the viral infection to their sexual partner. Other STD’s have signs and symptoms that can start showing a few hours or days after having sexual intercourse with an infected person. This can be oral sex, vaginal sex or anal sex. Whatever the case, it is important for sexually active individuals to get tested regularly to ensure they do not have an infection. In case an infection is detected, prompt treatment can be sought. You will be happy to know that there are STD home testing kits that you can purchase and test yourself in the comforts of your home.

How to Avoid Getting an STD

Abstinence is the surest way of avoiding an STD. If you do not engage in sexual activity, you cannot contract a sexually transmitted disease. If you have not found a partner whom you can trust, you should practice abstinence.

Practicing safe sex is the next best option for avoiding STD’s. It is meant for sexually-active individuals who have not committed to one partner. Male latex condoms are highly effective in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes, HPV, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and chlamydia among others. That is why you should always have a pack of condoms in your bedroom, car, bag or pockets. After all, you never know when an opportunity may arise, and you do not want to be caught off-guard.

Getting tested for STDs together with your partner is one of the best ways to avoid getting infected. You can order an STD home testing kit and test yourselves. If one of you tests positive, you can seek treatment together.

Mutual monogamy is crucial in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Once you have found that both you and your partner are free of all STD’s, you should both practice mutual monogamy to ensure none of you brings in an STI into the union.

The accuracy of STD Home Testing

It is important to note that modern home testing kits use the latest testing technologies. They are super-sensitive and highly accurate. This means that the results you obtain after administering the test are accurate. However, if you test negative, but you have some signs and symptoms of an STD, you should seek a second opinion from a doctor. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Why Use A Gonorrhea Home Test Kit?

You had a sexual encounter and now you are freaking out whether you have contracted a sexually transmitted infection. Should you go for a full-fledged medical diagnosis or do a self-test? If you do not have any STI, you will be spending a large amount of money on tests and diagnosis charges. You have to travel to the clinic to give your blood sample and visit it again to collect the report. If the test report is negative, you will feel foolish to have even tried it. However, you cannot take any risk with such a serious infection. It is a good idea to first use a reliable home test kit to check the report of your STI infection. Use a gonorrhea home test kit to find the truth. If it is positive, you can go for further diagnosis and treatment.

Remember, gonorrhea is curable but only if you start its treatment early. You can prevent further spread of this infection by stopping it in its track. An over the counter STI/STD test kit lets you test yourself for infection in the privacy of your home. You do not have to visit any clinic. There is no need to talk to anyone about it. Use this simple, effective and reliable solution. There are even STI kits that let you test yourself for both gonorrhea and chlamydia. There are other STDs but these two are the most widespread and prominent sexually transmitted infections.

Now you can order a gonorrhea home test kit online. There are two types of tests. The first over the counter test kit contains everything you need to test yourself and check the result as well. Another type of test kit requires you to collect your biosample and send it to the laboratory that is selling that OTC test kit. The kit comes with a postage paid pre-addressed envelope. It has everything you need to collect your biosample. Follow the instruction for collecting the sample and send it as instructed in the postage-paid envelope.

In case of the laboratory test, you will receive the test report within a few days by email. You can instruct the laboratory to not send the report by email. The kit has a unique ID that you can use to log into the laboratory’s website and check the test report. Now you can test even infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia at home without any painful procedure. There is no need to go to the clinic. You do not have to face an embarrassing situation. In both types of tests, your privacy remains secure. Your personal information is not revealed to anyone. In fact, even laboratory employees cannot find your personally identifiable data. Use this simple solution to know if you have or do not have gonorrhea.

Benefits Of A Chlamydia Home Test

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection that affects both men and women. It can cause severe damage to a woman’s reproductive system or even make it impossible for you to get pregnant. Chlamydia can be spread through oral, anal or vaginal sex with an infected person. The home test kit allows you to test for chlamydia without a doctor’s help.

1. Privacy
When you suspect you have chlamydia and decide to run a test, the most important thing to consider is your privacy. This will help you in finding out your results on your own without the infringement of any other person, not even a health expert. Afterward, depending on the test results, you will be in a position to decide whether to go for medication.

2. Flexibility
Chlamydia home test kits are flexible since it does not compel you to see a doctor. It saves up the time one would queue up in a health facility to get examined. The home test kit is not rigid. Hence it allows you to take the tests at a convenient time. In contrast, compared to when you are required to make appointments for you to see a professional to examine your symptoms.

3. Cost-effectiveness
The home test kits are available at pocket-friendly prices. Additionally, you get to cut the costs on the doctor’s consultation fee. Traditional testing involved laboratory screening which increased the costs of treatment. Also, there are instances when a doctor orders for multiple sexually transmitted infection tests. However, with the home test kit, you only test for a specific infection.

Variety of chlamydia test kits
Clients have various options when choosing chlamydia home testing equipment. The testing kits options are:

• Instant test kits: it takes between 15-30 minutes to give results. It uses a sample from the urethra in men and a sample from the cervix in women. You use cotton swabs to collect samples.
• Urine test kits: they are the most widespread, and they involve collecting a urine sample and mailing it to a certified lab where it is tested. This test kit is preferred since it is not as uncomfortable as the cotton swabs.

The efficiency of the chlamydia home test kits increases confidence that the tests give accurate results hence growing people’s faith in them. When their acceptability rises, the stigma surrounding chlamydia will in turn reduce. You are therefore advised to seek proper medical care when your tests turn out positive.

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