Sharing New Ideas at Healthscope

Welcome to Healthscope! Are you looking for new ideas to ponder? Then you in the right place. Today’s idea is about a simple way to switch from a wheat-based sandwich to a wheat-FREE sandwich. We bring this up because many people are beginning to realize that our population eats far too much wheat. It seems like it’s in just about everything.

We know that mornings are typically busy times for families, and it’s easy to slap some lunchmeat in between a couple of slices of bread. Fortunately, we’ve discovered a few alternatives. I don’t know how long it’s been on the market, but a brand called La Tortilla Factory offers gluten-free wraps. Also, “BFree Wraps” come in a wheat-free version too, and I was able to find those at a Hannaford super market. Anyway, that’s the tip for the day! Wasn’t that easy?

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